The Last Power is Silence

We live in a world of constant acoustic manifestations. Total absence of tonal phenomena and incentives can be found nowhere since matter itself is always present. But there is a silence which we all know. Induced by active listening, we come in direct contact to our personal, inner world. In my work, The Last Power is Silence, the sound screen is a symbol for the space where situations mutually interact. White noise, which is the sum of all frequencies in the audible range, emerges from the screen. An insistent expanse of sound confronts the listener with its shapeless, indeterminate and colorless form. Material: umbrella, piezos, cable, audio system The work of Clara Oppel is positioned at the intersection of sound / space / installation / sculpture. It meanders in the gaps of perception, somewhere between the perceived and the real world of sounds and objects. It is more about the silence, full of noises, sounds, and tones. Her work intervenes physically in the room, increasingly evading the material and opening space for the non-visible.

Clara Oppel