Probable Needlework

“Probable Needlework” offers visitors a limited creation space by means of a goblin stitch. Goblin stitch is an analog tradition with a main focus on the concept of replication/reproduction rather than creativity. Inspired by the core idea of such an analog tradition, “Probable Needlework” invites visitors to contribute to a replication process via a digital screen and a goblin canvas. During the installation visitors see digital images with a goblin effect on the digital screen. 10 px areas are marked with a red square which invites each user to contribute for a specific part of the image. However, the red square on the digital screen is randomly displayed after each user’s contribution to the needlework. The visitors are asked to reproduce 10 px areas of the images which are marked with the red square that is differing according to each user. Each image referring to a political icon includes: Religious symbols, United Nations, NATO, EU, Federal reserve, World Bank, EU Bank, USA, Iran, China, Russia, Latin America, Brazil, Coca Cola, Mc Donald’s logos etc. As the visitors stitch, reproduce and replicate some parts of these political icons, they play in a free-zone to contribute their own comment. The analog device as the goblin stitch plays a role as the “common” that gathers the collective act of reproduction. This collective reproduction of the political icons on the screen occurs as a new alternative image stitched on the canvas via user interaction. Thus, “Probable Needlework” metaphorically questions whether we can make an alternative approach to all these well-defined solid structures in the global political setting?

Nagehan Kurali
Selin Özçelik