I am an Artist

The role of the artist, in the mental and physical production of the work, varies through centuries. Before modern art, the meaning of being an artist was somehow related to the amount of time and energy spent while creating the piece. The artist was expected to work on the piece in detail, for a long time. With the beginning of conceptual art, the idea started to be more important than the labor. In some examples of conceptual art, 3 lines on a paper describing how to build the piece was enough, even if it was produced by someone else and sometimes the artist never saw the piece being built, but it was clear that she was still the artist. Nowadays, curators and galleries have strong impact on art communities which shows that process of selection is becoming as important as the idea. In fact, the selection process is critically important for the artist, for example a photographer chooses what to shoot among a huge set of images s/he sees daily. In the work “I am an artist” the participator is shown randomly created images and if an image is not chosen, it is deleted forever. If the participator prevents the disappearance of the image by pressing a red button called, „I am an artist“, s/he becomes the most important reason of its existence. Actually this process is very similar to the creation process of an artwork. Can you become an artist with that simple decision? Who is the artist of the work? The owner of the idea? The coder? The code? The participator? “you are the artist”

Bager Akbay