ERROR – Title Included

“ERROR – Title Included” is a piece that is designed to evoke resistance against censorship mechanisms employed by national and transnational power centers to monitor digital communication networks. Utilizing existing notification schemes intrinsic to Internet grammar, this work aims to derive a new ‘syntax’ capable of arousing direct commentary on current issues of political, social, economic and ecological significance. The work will be presented both as an aggregate of plain light boxes installed in physical space and also as a surprise effect, a ‘pop up’, activated via hidden links that are embedded within the amber platform website as well as other related institutional web spaces. “ERROR – Title Included” is meant to evolve into a mini web application, a “commons tense”, that is freely downloadable by public in order to call for discussion and provide critique regarding public issues. Offering a potential to reappear in a diverse variety of online contexts, this piece proposes to define a new tool for political demonstration and provoke a new mode of social protest that is unique to the cyberspace.

Fatih Aydoğdu