How to Create Content

Session 1: Attendants will be split into three seperated groups and discuss about amber12’s theme, “are people still able to share instead of exploiting the sources” thoroughly. Group1: content generators Group2: social media representatives Group3: people who share and consume the content Session 2: Workshop. Aiming to represent internet which operates analogously, with prepared cards. Instructor: Papatya Tıraşın – Çiğdem Asatekin Period: 1 – 3 Hours Focus Group: Everyone wants to express themselves through new media who doesn’t know how to use tools and professionals who have problems with generating concepts. Preconditions: – Age Limit: 25+ Quota: 22 Continue reading How to Create Content

Blender 3D

Day 1: Introduction to Blender 3D, user interface elements, basic polygon modelling, materials, basic organic modelling Day 2: Various fuctions of Blender Blender is an open source, three dimensional graphic design program. Besides modelling, Bender has some other functions, such as texturing, creating skin and bone systems, fluid ve smoke simulations, particle simulations, animations, motion capturing, camera tracking, rendering and video editing which will be introduced to participants to create experimental works with these tools. Participians are asked to bring their own personal computers and download Blender from Instructor: Mert Akbal Date: 13-14 November 2012 Time: 10.00 – 14.30 … Continue reading Blender 3D

Mapping the Commons of Istanbul

Workshop instructors: PABLO DE SOTO (, Federal Uni- versity of Rio de Janeiro) in collaboration with DIMITRIS DELINIKOLAS (empty film, University of Athens), Daphne Dragona (Mapping The Commons of Athens workshop coordinator) Event organizers: EKMEL ERTAN (amberPlatform / art director) and ASILHAN SENEL (Istanbul Technical University). Workshop participants: DENIZ AYDIN, SELEN ÇATALYÜREKLI, ASLI DEĞER, MERVE KAVAS, ÖZNUR SAKA, MUSTAFA ŞAHIN, ÖZGÜN YÜCETÜRK Workshop + Video Project Participants: GİZEM AĞIRBAŞ, BURCU NİMET DUMLU, ECEM ERGİN, ONUR KARADENIZ, FİKRET CAN KUŞADALI, MAR- CO MAGNANI, ZÜMRA OKURSOY, İPEK OSKAY, SİBEL SARAÇ, JALE SARI, YAĞIZ SÖYLEV, CEREN SÖZER, NEŞE CEREN TOSUN, ECE ÜSTÜN, WOLKE … Continue reading Mapping the Commons of Istanbul